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We are PharMillennium Consulting

The Directive 65/65 EEC was laid down 35 years ago, starting the new era in the pharmaceutical sector of the European Community. Since than, the regulatory authorities of the EU member states have invested a lot of efforts to develop contemporary, harmonized and effective regulatory background in the scope of pharmaceuticals in the EU. Strict regulations for the research and development of medicines for human use, for their manufacture, marketing, control, inspection, use, etc. influenced the changes of regulation in the other European countries, especially in those trying to achieve membership in the Community. Enforced by the activities and support of WHO and its bodies, these standards were given the global importance through their application and/or implementation in small and developing countries, worldwide. The International Conference on Harmonization of Technical Requirements for the Registration of Medicines for Human Use (ICH) is entering the new millennium after five Conferences and 10 years of progress. That became the global process of the development and implementation of the three key requirements for contemporary pharmaceutics - the quality, safety and efficacy of medicines.

The widening limits of knowledge and expertise required to develop, manufacture, market, prescribe and use medicines had introduced the necessity for the novel branch of the services - pharmaceutical consulting. Beside of the lot of the companies around the world servicing the pharmaceutical industry, regulatory authorities and international organizations, let us to present you the first consulting services and pharmaceutical experts private company in the Yugoslavia, PHARMILLENNIUM Consulting d.o.o.

During the last ten years in Yugoslavia, domestic pharmaceutical sector encountered a lot of obstacles for the development and implementation of international standards. But, domestic companies were always among leading ones in the Central and Eastern European countries, thus meaning that such expertise gained has no expiry date and that it could serve as the basis for the successful development. Increasing importance of harmonization of domestic with international regulations in this scope, as well as exporting requirements for the domestic industry, which are influencing to enlarge needs for faster implementation of such regulations, are opening entrances for the pharmaceutical consulting services.

Having in mind all mentioned above, we decided to start the company PharMillennium Consulting with the aim to share the fate in the pharmaceutical sector and to serve to the regulatory authorities and industry in order to achieve international standards for the letter common future.

For years beyond 2000, we are presenting you something that could be called the PharMillennium Concept, establishing our own approach and principles of professional communication, cooperation and services. As the experts in the Institute of Pharmacy of Serbia for the last eleven years, we were serving to the public health in Yugoslavia and now, we continue to offer our service and experience to all that are investing for the future, in the scope of pharmaceuticals.

On the following pages, there is the brief itemized presentation of activities of the PharMillennium, presenting the scope of expertise that we could offer in order to solve your problems and meet your needs. By our expertise, we assume not only our personal practical experience and knowledge, but also access to worldwide sources of information, knowledge and specialized companies and international experts in the same scope. PharMillennium Consulting has own team of experts covering broad range of specialised knowledge which is necessary in order to offer customers high level of professional and scientific services - specialists in pharmacology, clinical pharmacy, toxicology, medicines control, microbiology and virology, experts for the scopes of information, legal sciences, economy, etc.

We really believe that we could offer you as much as you need and satisfy you as much as possible.

We wish you to enter the new millennium with

Act of Foundation, September 2000